In Honor Of Grandparent’s Day



Written by Al Lohn

Before I became a grandparent, I had thought that all grandparents were crazy. Their entire conversation revolved around, my grand baby did this, my grandson did that, my granddaughter is the most beautiful girl I ever saw, my grandson is so handsome, and on and on. Then, on that magic day in October, our daughter delivered her first baby, a little girl, our first grandchild.

Oh, she was so very beautiful. That pink, rosy little bundle, with those tiny little fingers that grabbed my hand so tightly, and the little feet with those tiny toes. Oh, yes, she bewitched me. When I watched her in my arms sleeping, with her tiny head cuddled against my shoulder, I was afraid to move. Oh, yes, then I knew why grandparent’s conversations revolved always around their grandchildren. I became one of those crazy grandparents. I thought that not even a second grand baby could duplicate this joy. No, it could not be possible.

Then, a little boy arrived in our world; our second grand baby. The pleasure had not diminished it had doubled. All the feelings from the first time, and the awe, repeated itself.

Then I held another little bundle in my arms, our third grand baby. She was a little girl, and again, joy and awe engulfed me. Our happiness had now tripled. We watched them with delight when they rolled over for the first time, when they began to crawl, uttered their first word, and took their first step. Listening to the pitter-patter of their tiny feet, and the joyful screeching, is a delight that only grandparents can appreciate; at least, so I believe.

Oh, they have grown since that first time we met. Yes, they are taller now, they are older now, they have learned many things, but they have not grown wiser. Our oldest granddaughter is fourteen going on forty, our grandson is thirteen going on thirty, and our little one is nine going on nineteen. The oldest and our grandson forgotten how to cuddle; the world, in all its awesomeness, has captured their attention. But the nine year old still loves to cuddle, and it still feels sooo… good.

If I had to describe God’s love, I would use the grandparent’s love as the closest example here on earth. Yes, we do not like it when our grandchildren misbehave, or worse, when they are involved in bad misdeeds, but our love still prevails. We forgive and love again. Yes, grandparent’s love is a godly love its there forever together with joy and pain.

I will be at a book signing at the “COLLINGSWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL” on Oct. 5 at location 147. Stop by and say hello.

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3 thoughts on “In Honor Of Grandparent’s Day

  1. Well said. I don’t have any children, but I had that kind of love with my mother. My bet is that whenmyour oldest gets a few years older, he may appreciate that grandparents’s love again.

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