The Author Chronicles

Yes, I admit it, I love Twitter. I started an account on the advice of Jonathan Maberry (@JonathanMaberry) and thought it would be like Facebook, something that’s interesting but where I don’t spend much time. After a bit of dabbling and searching and false starts I found Twitter is exactly right for me.

Writers, agents and editors are amazing people to follow. They play with words for a living and in one hundred and forty characters can make me laugh until I can’t breath or give me something to think about all day. Kiersten White (@kierstenwhite), Libba Bray (@libbabray), Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig), Cassandra Yorgey (@cassandrayorgey), Maureen Johnston (@maureenjohnston), Jo Knowles (@JoKnowles), Ginger Clark (@Ginger_Clark) – heck, as of today I follow over eight hundred people and most I follow because they are clever.

Another aspect I enjoy is the idea of polite eaves dropping. When two agents I follow on…

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