My new novel “Sacred Blood” will be available on June third.

SacredBlood_Cover 2Is war politics by other means or a defeat for humanity? The inherit beast of mankind or a natural consequence of ignorance?

As young warriors drench the soil with their blood, they question why. Political realizations or philosophy does not matter to the soldiers trying to live through another night of gunfire as they wrestle with their feelings. They generate their own courage in defense of their friends or by the necessity of self-preservation. They are the prey so freely provided by the powers that be.

SACRED BLOOD conveys the feelings of fear, courage, yearnings, love, hate, despair and hope that all soldiers share on both sides of the battle lines, from the cold, icy fields of Valley Forge to the burning desert of Iraq. Philosophers, statesmen, and theologians alike have grappled with the morality and justice of the conflicts.

These feelings come alive in the stories depicting battlefields throughout the wars from 1770 until 2012. Read the book and see the war through the eyes of men and women in the trenches.


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