Coming September 2014…

Beggar Boy…

Dilip Lahiri A.K.A. Baapun, a little beggar boy from Dhaka who’s life changes when a wealthy Sikh rescues him from an angry vendor after stealing a piece of bread.

Raised on beggar’s row, survival at all cost is his mantra. His journey from Beggar’s Row to stardom is paved with questionable dealings; smuggling, lusting for loose women, and an addiction to opiates. A beautiful young Chinese girl, with whom he is in love, tries to pull him back from the abyss.

A trip back to Dhaka’s Beggar’s Row, lands him in a coma. Two nuns from Mother Teresa’s Order nurse him back to health.

A newly arrived Interpol inspector, investigating a Hong Kong organized crime boss, gives Baapun a choice of testifying against the mob or go to jail. His friends, including his girlfriend, convince him to testify against the mob, which puts his and the Chinese girl’s life in danger.


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